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The Lift Our Planet team working together to rehabilitate dilapidated structures.

Since Lift Our Planet was founded in 2017, we’ve taken great strides towards improving communities within our host countries. Through our extensive outreach efforts, we’ve been able to send countless engaged volunteers and lifelong humanitarians around the world to participate in community development and environmental protection efforts. Our goal is simple: to create a sustainable impact worldwide. 

Core Values

As a humanitarian travel company, we feel that a strong adherence to our core values distinguishes us from similar organizations. To ensure a life changing learning experience for our volunteers and a measurable, sustainable impact for our host countries, Lift Our Planet has identified four principles that are the focus of each and every trip:  


Volunteering abroad can be an intimidating experience, and we consider the safety of our volunteers and staff paramount. Along with staff members who are local to the host country being available to offer support, Lift Our Planet carefully plans each trip to ensure that any potential safety concerns are addressed and resolved well in advance.


We believe that transparency in everything we do at home and abroad is essential to furthering our mission in the world. We take responsibility for our successes and failures, and are accountable for our actions worldwide.


Cultural integration is an important part of the volunteer experience. Through our cultural education experiences – including language, culture, and cuisine courses – we focus on developing a foundational respect for the culture of our host countries.


Short term volunteer projects have a huge impact on our host countries, but ensuring that our work has long term value is essential to our success. Working alongside our in-country staff, Lift Our Planet identifies and coordinates projects based on actual need.


Wildlife Conservation Projects

Sea Turtle Study in Costa Rica

Volunteers work in the sea turtle conservation research center along the Pacuare River. Working alongside biologists and researchers, volunteers learn about demographic and behavioral patterns and receive hands-on experience caring for hatchlings.

Elephant Care in Thailand

Animal cruelty has been a longstanding issue for the elephants of Thailand. As a result, sanctuaries for rescued elephants have sprung up around the country. Our volunteers visit ethical, no-ride sanctuaries where they help support conservation efforts by preparing food for, playing with, and mud bathing the elephants.


Humanitarian Projects

Child Care

Within our host countries, local children’s homes and orphanages are often provided only the bare minimum in terms of state support. Volunteers spend quality time with the children while working to improve their living conditions through building restoration and garden construction. Our ongoing support allows for a dramatic betterment in the children’s quality of life.


Learning English as a second language is an opportunity rarely offered in many of our host countries. Some schools support their entire English program through short and long term volunteers. While in the classroom, volunteers create and participate in engaging, immersive learning experiences that assist students in establishing fluency in English. 

Community Development

All Lift Our Planet projects focus on long-term community development. From garden planting and building reconstruction to beach cleanups and playground painting, each of our volunteer’s efforts ultimately furthers the goal of leaving our host countries in a better position than we found them. 


Our Host Countries 

Lift Our Planet carefully selects our trip destinations based on our ability to create and maintain a positive impact over time. 2020 trips are currently available in Bali, Costa Rica, Nepal, Peru, Thailand, and Vietnam, with a special focus on the Lift a Village program in Peru. Each location has unique opportunities for volunteer work, with carefully crafted itineraries that balance service and adventure and allow volunteers to fully immerse themselves in the culture of their destination.

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