Humanitarian Project


Enjoy the heartwarming experience to serve at local children’s homes and orphanages for underprivileged kids. We get our hands dirty and get to work doing some manual labor such as painting, gardening and other projects to maintain and restore the facilities. After we have done our part to improve these children’s living conditions, we get to spend quality time with them and participate in some fun cultural activities and games! 

Our focus with these projects is to provide a better present and a brighter future. We work with some unbelievable children’s homes despite limited funding. The work the full-time staff put in for these kids is unfathomable. Many of these homes and orphanages wouldn’t survive without the donations and volunteers they receive through programs like ours. 

At various children’s home we ask that you do not take pictures of or with the kids. This is for their safety, which is always our #1 priority. Many of these children have had extremely tough trials and struggles at such early ages. Yet, we know that these challenges don’t define them. We want these angels to know and feel how much we love them and that we will always put their best interests above everything else!

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