International Flights Bookings

How do I book my international flights?

U.S. and Canadian participants 

For the majority of our programs, group flights are going to be organized by LOP’s flight department. (If a group flight is not available, you will be able to either book onto an individual itinerary with our flights department or book your own flights following specific booking instructions which you must request from LOP.)

What are the benefits of taking an international flights organized by LOP's flights department?

Peace of mind!
Take the guesswork out of where and when to fly.

Fly with other LOP participants
Get to know fellow LOP participants on the way to your host country.

Safety in numbers
Travel with the group from start to finish – a great way to set everyone’s mind at ease.

Let professionals handle the logistics
Ensure that you arrive in and depart from the correct cities and countries for your program.

Group flight itineraries
Our flights department negotiates the best possible group flights on reputable airlines, minimizing layovers wherever possible, to ensure your smooth arrival and departure.

Coordination with your program
Our group flight arrival and departure logistics are scheduled in accordance with our program project and tour logistics.

Help if flight delays or changes happen
Don’t be on your own when problems arise! On the day of your departure our flights department provides an emergency line for our group flights and help you with flight re-booking, personal transportation and/or a hotel if your flights are delayed, changed or cancelled.

Personal assistance
Our flights department can work with you individually if you have special requests for, or questions about, your flights.

How early should I arrive at the airport for my international flight?

LOP highly recommends that you arrive at the airport at least 3-4 hours before your international flight is scheduled to depart (allow a minimum of 3-4 hours layover time between your domestic flight and your international flight departure, if you are flying to the group departure airport). This allows time for potential delays such as: inclement weather, airport security/customs, mechanical difficulties, claiming luggage, checking in and getting to flight gates on time.

What happens when I arrive at my host country?

An LOP representative will be waiting to greet you in the flight arrivals area. Some host countries have onward domestic flights. If this is the case, you will be instructed on how to connect to your domestic flight along with your group, and your Project Leader will be waiting to meet all of you once you land at your final destination. For arrival details specific to your host country, refer to the Travel Manual LOP emails to you approximately 30 days prior to departure.


How do I start fundraising?

First, email and request the fundraising materials. Then, start fundraising and asking family, friends, co-workers, local business owners and other members of your community to help you finance your trip.

Here is a list of the fundraising materials:

  •   Sample Support Letter – A sample letter in Word document format for you to customize.
  •   Instructions for Supporters – Instructions for supporters on how to submit funds.
  •   Support Me Cards – Personalized “Support Me” cards to hand out to people you know.
  •   Financial Record Sheet – For you to keep track of funds you receive.
  •   Fundraising Guide – Other creative ways for you to fundraise.

Gofundme has become a very successful way for LOP participants to fundraise, by creating an online page. You then share with your friends, family and extended networks. It’s a great way to personalize your story, reach more people and receive supplemental funds towards your program.

Who can I approach for fundraising?

Anyone who takes an interest in your life endeavors would be a good person to approach about assistance for your volunteer effort. You may send letters, make phone calls, personally visit, and/or send emails to family, friends, neighbors, businesses and anyone else who might want to help you finance your trip. Participants who get the best results in raising funds send the support letter to family, friends, neighbors, businesses and associations they know in their local community. People who know you are more likely to want to invest in your education, cultural development and awareness.

We encourage you to personalize your request for funds by including a cover letter with information about yourself. We also recommend that you make a personal phone call in addition to sending the Support Letter. You can also meet in person with your potential supporter to answer any questions they may have. If your supporter would like to speak to LOP directly, please provide them with our office contact details.

When you receive funds, enter the information into your Financial Record Sheet. The Financial Record Sheet is for your records only; you do not need to send it to LOP.

If your supporters want to write a check, they can submit the check in one of three ways. Your supporter can:

  1.     Make the check payable directly to you and mail or give the check to you.
  2.     Make the check payable to Lift Our Planet and mail the check directly to LOP.
  3.     Make the check payable to Lift Our Planet and give you the check so that you may mail it to LOP along with other checks you may receive.

LOP sends you a payment confirmation email to notify you when we receive funds towards your program cost and to provide your updated balance due.

Travel Insurance

Are medical insurance and travel cancellation insurance required?

Yes, you are required to obtain medical insurance and travel cancellation insurance for your LOP Program.

What type of medical insurance do I need? How do I get it?

You must have medical insurance which covers you abroad for the duration of your LOP Program. You may already be covered by a medical insurance policy. If this is the case, check your insurance policy to ensure you have overseas coverage.

If you do not currently have medical insurance or if the medical insurance you have does not cover costs while abroad, then your best option may be to obtain travel insurance which includes medical coverage.

Does LOP offer travel insurance?

U.S. participants

Yes, email to request a travel insurance quote.

How do I send in proof of insurance?

Submit proof of medical insurance as well as proof of travel insurance (including trip cancellation) to the LOP office by March 31. If you are using travel insurance for your medical insurance too, please notify LOP of this when you submit your proof of insurance.

You can email your proof of insurance to

Academic Credit

Can I receive academic credit from my university for my LOP program?

Students from universities across North America, the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand may be able to receive university-level academic credit through independent study or internship credit for their participation on an LOP Program and successful completion of the course requirements.

If you wish to receive academic credit, it is your responsibility to seek approval for course credit from your academic advisor or a professor in your department before you travel. Universities and faculties or departments within a university have different rules regarding independent study, so we strongly advise you to inquire within your department well in advance of your departure date.

How can I set up a course of independent study?

Independent study is an individualized course of study that you set up with your own professor, academic advisor or other faculty member. For more information reach out to us at and one of your representatives will contact you with step-by-step guidelines in arranging independent study.

Additionally, students pursuing independent study credit may choose to follow an LOP Course Syllabus in Natural Resources Management or Community Development that is specifically designed to complement the volunteer program and related issues and activities. This includes oversight and evaluation by your LOP Project Leader/Instructor for all on-site requirements and submission of grades/evaluation forms directly to your professor. This does not include grading a final paper/essay, which would be your professor’s responsibility.

Questions about arranging independent study? Email our office at

How do I sign up for independent study?

  1. Meet with your professor or advisor to discuss receiving independent study credit for your LOP Program.
  2. Email and inform LOP you are receiving independent study credit.
  3. If you are following the LOP Course Syllabus, LOP will send you a copy of the syllabus.